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Crescent City
1301-A Northcrest Drive
Crescent City, CA 95531
(toll free) 888-584-9473
(tel) 707-464-7488
(fax) 707-465-4230
Bray, MelissaService
Finigan, JenniferClient Services
Freitas, JerryCommunity Resource
Gray, MeganService
McGrew, LisaSupport
Melvin, RebeccaService
Miller, HeatherService
West, DebbieEarly Start
Wyckoff, RobbieService

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525 2nd St, Ste 300
Eureka, CA 95501
Toll Free 888-584-9473
Tel 707-445-0893
Fax 3rd Floor 707-444-2563
Fax 4th Floor 707-444-3409
After Hours 707-995-8103
EmployeeTitleExt.E-Mail Address
Alban, AshleyService
Ayala, AliciaUnit
Barcelles, DebbieSenior Support Staff/Transfer
Block, MaryDirector of Client
Bohannan, JanelleEarly Start Coordinator/Nurse
Bowser, SedonaAdministrative
Braggs, SierraCMS Waiver&Employment Specialist
Breyer, DaveNetwork
Cholis, ChristinaOffice Operations
Contreras, PerlaSupport
Cook, ValerieService
Crawford, MarieSupport
Degand, JenniferSupport
Dennig, KimberlyService
Elliott, KarenClient Services
Enge, RobClient Services
Foos, JanetNutrition/RDN
Gillam-Sullivan, CindyManager of Special
Gouvea, SavannahService
Hames-Anderson, SarahWellness
Hugelshofer, NicoleTeam Leader, Service
Kempton, AmyService
Lowder, KathleenService
Martinez, YolandaService
Mathews, TracyService
May, MatthewService
Mellas, StephanieService
Miller, ChrisClient
Mitchell, EmmaService
Morones, RobertService
Moulton, JessicaCommunity Resource
Moulton-Rizzo, MaraService
Nash, KimClinical/Community Services
Ostell, AlexIntake
Power, MichelleUnit AssistantSpecial
Rigler, AbbieUnit
Ross, TitoService
Smalley, KimBehavior Analyst/Autism Clinical
Snodgrass, VirginiaService
Thompson, LeahResource Manager,
Tinkham, KennethService
Ulloa, MichelleService
Vader, AleshaService
Vaughn, BobbyService
Van De Velde, SusanService
Wagner, MarenService
Warze, GeriSupport
Wendling, JudyIntake
Wescott, HarrySupport
Wingfield, Beth Service
Worden-Campbell, JenniferMedicaid Waiver

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Fort Bragg
270 Chestnut St, Ste A
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
Toll Free 866-515-6387
Tel 707-964-6387
Fax 707-964-0226
EmployeeTitleExt.E-Mail Address
DeSoto, SherriService
Parker, JulieSupport Staff,
Purtonen, TiinaService
Steinmetz, SheriService

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180 3rd St
Lakeport, CA 95453
Toll Free 888-909-0470
Tel 707-262-0470
Fax 707-262-0475
TitleExt.E-Mail Address
Community Resource
Team Leader/Senior Service
Client Services Manager634

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1116 Airport Park Blvd.
Ukiah, CA 95482
Toll Free 800-281-3832
Tel 707-462-3832
Fax 707-462-3314
Fiscal Fax 707-462-6579
After Hours 707-995-8103
EmployeeTitleExt.E-Mail Address
Bland, AlexClient
Blumberg, RickExecutive
Branzuela, JaniceFiscal
Brooks, MichelleWellness
Claus-John, CynthiaCMS Waiver&Employment Specialist
Costa, SarahEarly Start
Esralew, LucyClinical
Fekkers, StacyClient Service
Fetzer, ElisaSupport
Forneris, PamelaFiscal
Francis, TraceySupport
Goeken, SierraService
Gomez, ClaudiaService
Gomez, CristinaVendorization & Rates
Gong, MaiAccounting
Haydon, NicholeHuman Resource
Huddle, JenniferTeam Leader, Senior Service
Keys, SheilaCommunity Resource
Knight, MorganIntake
Larue, LindseySupport
McFall, MicheleOffice Operations
Medina, AmySenior Fiscal
Moynahan, ErinService
Myers, ChristinaFiscal
Nelson, Dwayne Client Services Manager265
Ochoa, MayraDiversity Outreach
Okey, PatrickDirector of
Orsi, KimExecutive
Paz, KimberlyUnit
Petterson, DinaAdministrative
Pittam, JenniferTACT Coordinator/Consumer Services
Saccato, JanaPayroll
Shanahan, MarisaService
Simpson, TanyaService
Sookne, CrisService
Soto, AmyService
Stubbert, DawnaService
Swope, LenordFiscal Monitor/
Tamayo, GabeService
Teague, HeatherUnit
White, ChandaSupport

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